While the Music Lasts

Contemporary fiction from Alice McVeigh. New edition in development.

ISBN: 978-1857993424

Publication: October 1995

Publisher: Orion

Editions: Paperback, hardcover.

The Secret Life of an Orchestra

Life in the (fictional) Orchestra of London as seen through the eyes of several musicians, as well as the conductor, a member of the orchestra’s board, and various friends and relations. Perfectly representing the disparate attitudes, feelings and ambitions of a symphony orchestra, it brilliantly weaves together affairs, musical jealousies, a misdirected love letter, and an unusual codicil to a will. “This portrayal of the psychosexual duet between men and women, and of the music-making process in a symphony orchestra, sings with lyrical intensity and eloquent feeling” (Publishers Weekly)

New edition available to buy here soon!

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