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Alice can give you a quote for whatever you require, based upon word count and a sample of your own writing. (This quote can be either for the entire project or for an hourly rate.)

She can also conduct a short interview — if you haven’t yet written anything or are interested in something written ‘from scratch’ — and give you a quote for whatever project you have in mind.

(As a rule, copy-editing costs less than ghostwriting, because the framework of the book — think of it as a house! — is already erected, and only requires filling out, plastering, and decorating.)

Costs vary, because people's requirements vary, but (as a guide): Alice's hourly rates for fiction vary between £15 and £20 per hour, with rates for substantive copy-editing between £20 and £30 per hour. A typical short story — if there is such a thing! — averages a £60 fee, while a novel critique is normally nearer £100.


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Alice McVeigh - ghost writer and copy editor

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